“I first worked with Julian at The Stationery Office from 2001 to 2003 where he was a highly valued member of my senior executive group. I have subsequently hired him as a consultant to KYP and to HomepageVentures, and have recommended him to others many times. Julian is an outstanding business analyst with an astonishing ability to digest the most complex of issues or the messiest of data sets and present them in clear, concise and objective summary form to facilitate management action. Both as a business colleague and as a contracted consultant I have always found his input to be of the highest standard and hugely value added. If Julian reckons he can help you, my advice is to grab him while you can!”


Iain K Burns (CEO, TSO; CEO, KYP Systems; Chairman, HomepageVentures)


“I worked with Julian from February-September 2012 on an online recruitment project for Archant. I found Julian to be an insightful consultant who delivered excellent value throughout the strategic project. He worked with me to create some highly focused and exciting proposals which offer us the opportunity to develop new solutions and build even stronger relationships with our target market. Julian was a pleasure to work with. He has the ability to simplify the most complex of matters and developed strong relationships both externally and with all internal stakeholders. Julian has a rigorous approach that quickly enabled us to map and understand our market and identify where the key opportunities lay. I would not hesitate to recommend Julian for any project that requires a cost-effective approach to rapidly identify the best market opportunities. I hope to work with Julian again very soon.”


Fraser Chapman (Commercial Director, jobs24, Archant Regional)


“Clear thinking and very experienced, Julian helped us get to grips with a broad range of options and come up with a manageable, yet ambitious plan for Bluffer's.”


Thomas Drewry (Owner, Bluffer’s Guides)


“I have worked with Fagandini Associates, specifically lead consultant Julian Fagandini, for many years and for a variety of clients, in both the private and public sectors (including Daily Mail & General Trust, The Stationery Office, the Department of Health and my own company ELGIN). Julian brings acute analytical skills, rooted in practical experience, to client engagement driving real business advantage from the exercise. His Your Place in the Value Chain workshop has delivered more tangible results to companies seeking to focus their activities than many more extensive and expensive programmes run by well-known consulting houses.”


Shane O’Neill (Chairman, ELGIN; Managing Director, SONA)


“Working at a fast pace, Julian’s Your Place in the Value Chain workshops were very effective in delivering structure without reducing our creativity and focus without blinkering our options. As a management team, we emerged with greater clarity about the key opportunities for the growth of our business and about the development of our strategic relationship with our customers. And we gained the confidence to engage further with Julian after the workshops knowing that he would be able to work with us more like an ‘insider’ partner than simply being an ‘outsider’ consultant.”


Mark Milner (CEO, The Digital Property Group)


“When Julian ran a Your Place in the Value Chain workshop with us, we had a strategy but it needed external challenge. What we liked about the workshop was its participatory nature, and the way in which the business analytical structure was 'lightly worn'. Our whole management team engaged with the process and we were able to consolidate and extend our thinking. Plus the subsequent process of articulating that strategy upwards and outwards was immeasurably speeded up and improved by this (enjoyable!) process.”


Stephen Stout (Group Managing Director, Landmark Information Group)


“A fresh and creative outlook on strategy coupled with an objective, analytical and forensic approach to business performance which enabled us to further focus on (i) where value was being created and destroyed within the business, (ii) where potentially the most profitable opportunities lay and (iii) which parts of the organisation structure were aligned with the best performance outcome for the business.”


Andrew Mills (CFO, Study Group)


“Julian did a terrific job on the two occasions he was engaged by me. If he says he can do the work required, I would recommend him without hesitation.”


Bill Zola (Managing Director, DMG Information)


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